27 January 2022

Time to pay the London Living Wage

PCS is campaigning for the London Living Wage to be the minimum pay rate paid to all union members working on government, outsourced Facilities Management contracts.

What is the London Living Wage?
Not to be mistaken with the government’s statutory minimum wage, the London Living Wage is independently calculated by the Resolution Foundation for the Living Wage Foundation. Rather than being driven by what business claims it can afford, it is based on the minimum employees and their families need to live and is higher than government minimum of £8.91 per hour.

In November 2020, the rates were increased to £11.05 per hour in London and £9.90 nationally.

How does Bouygues 2MS pay compare?
Many PCS members employed on government contracts are already paid the London Living Wage as a minimum. This includes the Bouygues Metropolitan Police Service contract. This is because the Mayor of London has made payment of the London Living Wage a condition of awarding a contract.  

The Home Office could set a similar policy for the Bouygues 2MS contract but chooses not to. In September 2020, the Home Office confirmed the minimum pay rate on the Bouygues contract was £9.30 per hour. The Government Property Agency’s 2020-21 annual report states “Last year we agreed to increase payments to our commercial partners to allow them to pay the London Living Wage and this continues to be the case”.

Now that the GPA have taken over running the Bouygues 2MS contract your PCS representatives have requested that their policy of funding the London Living Wage be extended to Bouygues 2MS staff. We are waiting for their response.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/time-pay-london-living-wage