14 February 2022

Atos members to take industrial action on 28 February

The members working for Atos IT Services will take a day's strike action followed by an overtime ban.

PCS members working for Atos IT Services on the National Savings & Investment, PiP, BBC and Tax Free Child Care contracts are to start industrial action on 28 February.

Atos have not made an improved offer since our members overwhelmingly rejected the 1.5% pay offer.

Our claim is for 5% or £1300 underpin plus a £600 one off payment in recognition of the contribution our members made throughout the pandemic.

The industrial action is twofold with a strike on 28 February followed by action short of a strike, which will include an overtime ban across all the accounts.

If we do not receive a significantly improved offer we will be continuing the action short of a strike and also moving to all out selective strike action.

PCS industrial officer Jim Knotts said: "The ball is firmly in Atos’s court now and it is up to them to adequately reward our hard working members who have been waiting since April 2021 for a decent pay rise."

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/atos-members-take-industrial-action-28-february