25 February 2022

HMCTS confirm no immediate changes following removal of Covid restrictions

PCS met with HMCTS management following the government announcement confirming the lifting of all Covid legal restrictions. 

At the outset of the meeting PCS advised that national talks with the Cabinet Office are ongoing and we reserve the right to review the measures proposed by HMCTS in line with any central agreements. We are pleased that HMCTS agreed to this and that the employer has confirmed that there will be no immediate changes as a result of the announcement.

HMCTS position on removal of Covid restrictions

HMCTS confirmed that they will continue to follow central BEIS guidance and ensure adherence. Measures and mitigations in place, including the requirement for face coverings to be worn in public spaces, will continue. HMCTS advised that there are likely to be necessary changes implemented as of 1 April 2022 and confirmed that weekly consultation with PCS will continue. As and when details of any proposed changes are available we will provide an update for members.

Civil Service HR and living with Covid guidance

The employer’s representatives confirmed that there is a change in guidance and that as of 24 February there is no legal obligation to notify the employer of the need to self-isolate. This presents a number of significant concerns for PCS and we have urged the employer to err on the side of caution. Senior employer representatives are meeting with the civil service policy team for advice and guidance. We are awaiting a further update on the approach the employer intends to take.

Cleaning Procedures

The employer’s representatives confirmed that some physical touchpoint cleaning will continue as the announcement does not negate  cleaning requirements. HMCTS will continue to mitigate the risks with the continuation of touch point cleaning and out of hours cleaning. In addition, next month they will commence a process known as ‘misting’. This is where an antimicrobial solution is applied to surfaces to mitigate the risks of virus particles remaining on surfaces.

We will continue to provide updates as discussions with employer representatives continue.

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/hmcts-confirm-no-immediate-changes-following-removal-covid-restrictions