4 May 2022

Bargaining report – Atos

John Bottoms on the National Savings account rebid.

The National Savings account currently run by Atos is up for rebid in 2024. The new contract has been split into four areas. Atos have advised that they are only bidding for three parts of the procurement as they have decided that the first part is not profitable. The rebid process is creating a lot of uncertainty amongst staff. Quite a few members of staff have been through two TUPE transfers but a lot of new starters have no idea what TUPE is, never mind how it works.

The Atos lead reps all have experience of TUPE and how the process and measures statements work. It could end up that we are dealing with more than one employer or redundancies for some and not for others. There is also the prospect of redeployment into jobs in other parts of Atos which also leads to uncertainty – is that job suitable? We should know more about one part of the contract in August 2022 and the last parts around April 2023.

The decision to split up the National Savings account is a government decision and as with the recent carve up of HMRC services privatisation is still in full flow. PCS is involved from the start which is always helpful. 

John Bottoms, Atos IT Services Durham

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/bargaining-report-atos