25 May 2022

Green reps should be in every branch

Every PCS branch should have a green rep to push for decisive action to protect our planet, conference today agreed. 

The reps should have statutory rights to carry out environmental risk assessments in the workplace. And they should help ensure the civil service is prepared to deliver environmental policies as part of a National Climate Service. 

Moving motion A42, Nicholas from R&C Portsmouth branch said: “We can’t rely on representatives in parliament - they represent the bosses. 

“We have to force change ourselves on governments around the world.”

Seconding the motion, Jordan from Disclosure and Barring Service said: “I’m so grateful to see a motion that so thoroughly addresses what’s needed to address climate change catastrophe.

“Climate change has been debated now for roughly four decades and the term itself has lost a lot of its meaning - we have been de-sensitised to what it means. 

“It’s not just rising temperatures and sea levels … the scale of the disaster is absolutely terrifying and we need to appreciate exactly what it’s going to take to save our planet. 

“Climate campaigning should be inextricable to our movement - it should be at the forefront of what we do.”

John Moloney from the NEC said: “Building a network of green reps - that’s the absolute bedrock of the work we need to do. 

“We need every branch to have one or even more.”

Branches can nominate a green rep by simply emailing green@pcs.org.uk (mailto:green@pcs.org.uk)

The motion also called for:

• Tax Justice to fund the investment in renewables, clean transport, energy efficiency measures and training programmes that can help create millions of new, skilled, unionised jobs while cutting greenhouse emissions. 

• Build on the Lucas Plan, One Million Climate Jobs, Just Transition: A civil service perspective and many other initiatives across the world, to set out plans for a Just Transition that places the interests of workers and trade unionists at its centre. 

• Campaign for the public ownership and democratic control of energy by promoting the global trade union program for a public, low-carbon energy future within the union and wider labour movement 

• Strengthen the links between the trade union and environmental movement in the UK and globally through joint campaigns, protests, peaceful civil disobedience and strikes to mobilise support for the system change needed. 

Source URL: https://www.pcs.org.uk/news-events/news/green-reps-should-be-every-branch