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Direct Debit campaign update

The Cabinet Office, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) became the latest civil service employers to either announce dates for check off withdrawal or enter into the consultation which will lead to withdrawal.

With the new Tory government now installed we are expecting all Ministers to instigate check off withdrawal as part of the continued programme of attacking the union whilst undermining workers' rights.

However, more than136,000 PCS members have now signed up to pay their subs by direct debit, with 80% of members signed over in our two largest departments, the DWP and HMRC.

In addition, hundreds of new members are being recruited to the union on a weekly basis and members are coming forward to support the union by taking on union activist roles.

Other campaigns

'Devastating' HMRC closure plan must be subject to parliamentary review

On Thursday 12 November the HMRC Executive Committee (ExCom) announced its future location strategy. This included proposals to close the current 170 HMRC offices and cut these to 13 large Regional Centres in Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, and two in London (Croydon and Stratford), plus 4 "Specialist Sites".

PCS opposes the closure plan proposals, we do not feel that a service run from larger Regional Centres will be better than with large national coverage. We fear that the disruption to the UK's essential tax collection capability will be severe.

Also, there are major concerns with the negative impact on local employment and local economies.

PCS is extremely concerned that these proposals have received no Parliamentary Scrutiny at all, and it is demanding that they now receive such scrutiny before they go any further.

PCS is also asking and expecting that HMRC will now enter in proper consultation with PCS on the principle and impact of their change proposals.

For the latest news on the HMRC story visit the PCS website

Read the BBC list of office closure dates.

Don't let employers start using agency workers to break strikes

Business Secretary Sajid Javid is seeking to overturn a long-running ban on employers using agency workers to break strikes, alongside other restrictive measures in the Government’s new Trade Union Bill. The new measures will make the fundamental right to strike almost meaningless.

Employers will get 14 days’ notice of a strike (rather than 7 currently), and will be able to recruit agency temps – potentially younger workers on zero-hours and minimum wage contracts – to take over the jobs of striking workers.

We are campaigning against this damaging change and other equally harmful measures in the Trade Union Bill. Starting with a petition to show Sajid Javid that people can see the dangers in his plans. Please join us and help make this as big as we can, to protect the fundamental right to strike for all UK workers.

For more information on the campaign and to sign the petition visit the TUC website.

PCS to respond robustly on pay-off cap consultation

Plans to cap public sector exit payments at £95,000 will impact on long serving staff and will restrict options for early retirement. Even employees earning just 27,000 who go early on long service could be affected, as well as those who earn more than £47,000 who get 21 months' salary. PCS will be responding robustly to the consultation as well as any attempt to introduce these measures via legislation.

Read more about the governments plans now.

Fighting fund

PCS is launching a fighting fund to support members taking targeted industrial action, as agreed by annual delegate conference.

The fund will support members taking sustained strike action in workplaces in which such action could be capable of exerting significant pressure on the government to enter into national negotiations over the key issues in our dispute: pay, pensions, jobs, terms and conditions, and privatisation.

Sustained targeted industrial action has proved a successful tool in trade union disputes throughout history, but has to be funded to ensure the members involved are not left in poverty.

For more information on the fighting fund, how to make a voluntary donation and the strategy, visit the fighting fund.

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