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Connect with your LGBT community

There's an increasing number of LGBT community based organisations across Northern Ireland providing a range of activities, support, services and volunteer opportunities. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with what's going on as they change often.

Long established Belfast orientated organisations such as Lesbian Line, Cara Friend, Lesbian Advocacy Services Initiative (LASI), the Rainbow Project, Belfast Butterfly Club and Queerspace have comprehensive information and links on their websites to other LGBT groups and wider community services.

Are you interested in doing something new, getting involved in group activities and expanding your social scene or even personal development through volunteering?

A simple web search should turn up a range of organisations; hopefully there will be something in your area to interest you... Try it, there's lots out there

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Please visit the Proud website for further information, pcsproud.org.uk

So whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, transexual or bisexual, come along and show your support, join us on the parade, attend the event and most importantly, have fun. See you there.

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Updated 2 Feb 2017


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