Northern regional black members network

Black is used in the political context to apply to people from African and Asian diasporas, including people of dual heritage.

The Northern regional black members' network (RBMN) is one of the PCS equality networks. Its aims and objectives are to:

  • Bring together black members of PCS to counter isolation by providing a supportive network of people who face similar issues and experiences
  • Support and participate in national/regional campaigns and the work of the national black members committee (NBMC)
  • Liaise with the PCS equality department, regional committees and the NBMC to ensure the RBMN feed into wider union activity
  • Advise PCS regional committees and the NBMC on issues affecting network members in the region and raise awareness of equality issues among PCS members and reps within the region
  • Make links with individuals, organisations and community groups who share the same overall objectives
  • Highlight and take up learning, educational and networking opportunities
  • Support the development of network members into activism in PCS
  • Prepare motions relevant to black members for submission to national, regional, group and/or branch as appropriate.

Contacts for the Northern regional black members' network are:


Tania Mundangepfupfu


Dawn Conaty

National representative

Anil Khullar

Regional representative

Maulid Tajir


Khurram Javid

Conduct of business for the network

  • Recruit black members to the regional network to offer support and the broader aim of participation into wider PCS activities, events and decision-making bodies
  • Aim to organise a minimum of three/four meetings/events for members to participate in on an annual basis
  • Assist PCS regional office in developing and maintaining a database of network members in the region to enable direct communication on relevant issues
  • Together with the regional organiser, plan and prepare annual action plans/budgets for RBMN activities
  • Receive reports from elected representatives
  • Produce agendas/record of decisions for each meeting
  • Develop effective communications to maintain contact between network members outside of meetings through e-bulletins and newsletters
  • Annually elect members into the following RBMN officer roles as per agreed processes and timetable: 2 convenors; 1 secretary; 1 regional committee representative; 1 national black members' committee representative
  • Send notice of newly-elected reps to all relevant forums and committees.

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