Northern regional LGBT network

The northern regional LGBT network aims to bring together members from across the region who identify themselves as either lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans in a relaxed, welcoming and confidential environment to co-ordinate views, share knowledge and raise the profile of LGBT issues within the workplace, within PCS, within sister unions (with our links through the NTUC LGBT network) and with the wider community.

The network offers support while upholding the principle of self determination amongst the equality groups within the PCS and aims to build appropriate links with other LGBT organisations. The network meets at least four times a year and invites LGBT members to join the network. Due to the nature of the network only those people who are on the network know the other members. So if you are not ‘out’ at work or to friends and family, you will find an environment where you can be yourself without fear or anxiety.

Contacts for the LGBT network are:



Terms of reference

  • To bring together LGBT members of PCS across the region to counter the isolation faced by many such members and to discuss the issues of interest to those members in relation to the bargaining, campaigning and organising agenda of the union and its component parts.
  • To uphold the principle of self determination amongst equality groups in PCS.
  • To co-ordinate the views of the LGBT members within their area of operations and to feed these views as required to the PCS Proud group.
  • To foster knowledge of issues affecting LGBT members, and to offer support through this to individual members and to branch and other representatives.
  • To promote awareness of LGBT equality.
  • To build appropriate links with other organisations of LGBT people within the PCS northern region and to identify and support suitable local/regional campaigns.
  • To assist in taking forward those priorities and objectives within resources.
  • To raise the profile of LGBT issues within PCS and its elected bodies.

Conduct of business of the network

  • The PCS northern region LGBT network will comprise a chair, vice chair, secretary and assistant secretary (who should identify as LGB or T) elected by members of the network.
  • The network will appoint a non-voting representative to the regional committee at each preceding LGBT meeting. This person will report on the activity of the LGBT network and feedback to the network. The secretary will notify the regional office of the appointed person and will provide a written report to the regional committee.
  • The network will aim to hold 4 (quarterly) meetings per year (one of which will be the AGM). These meetings will be open to all PCS members who identify as, or are supportive, LGBT.
  • The network will look to all routes of communication to maintain contact between members outside meetings (e.g. personal email addresses, mobile numbers, and social networking).
  • The aim of the network will be operated by consensus.
  • Comments made during the meeting must be in accordance with the PCS equality statement.
  • The network will elect a chair, vice chair, secretary and assistant secretary annually at the AGM.
  • The regional office will call for self nomination and election statements for the 4 officer posts 4 weeks before the AGM.
  • The closing date for nominations and election statements will be 2 weeks before the AGM.
  • Any elections required will be carried out by secret ballot (facilitated by regional office) at the AGM.
  • In the event of positions not being filled by this process, nominations can be made at the AGM.
  • Any amendments to these terms of reference should be submitted to the AGM and will need to be ratified by the regional committee.


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