Pay ballot: Five things to do in the final fortnight

It’s crunch time in the national pay ballot, and we really need to squeeze out every single vote if we are going to beat the 50% turnout threshold.

This final fortnight is crucial, as we give one last push to make sure everyone has a ballot paper and has sent it back by the final posting date of 24 April. The last day to request replacement ballot papers is 18 April.

Writing for Activate, general secretary Mark Serwotka said that with all hands to the pump, we can achieve a “historic” result for the union.

Here are five things you can do in the remaining days to play your part:

  • Check your branch app. This will systematically record which members have yet to vote, letting you know who to chase up.
  • Think outside the box – if you can’t walk round in work, spend some time talking to people in the canteen, on breaks or in cafés or pubs outside of work.
  • Use social media. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or wherever – send a direct message to all the PCS members in your contact list. A quick copy-and-paste message asking members if they’ve voted could reach hundreds of potential voters.
  • Not got internet access at work? Speak to your friends and colleagues and record who’s voted on paper, then tick them off in the branch app outside of work hours.
  • Hit the phones. Any spare time you have – day or evening – can be spent on CallHub, which will let you speak to members who have yet to vote, all over the country. The technology is really efficient – for example, PCS Advocate Kathyrn Carruthers made 100 calls between 6.30 and 8.30pm one evening after work, and still had time to stop for dinner.

18 April – Last date to request a replacement ballot paper.
24 April – Last date to post the ballot paper.
29 April – Ballot closes

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