PCS branches order your pay materials

Use this form to order PCS pay materials to support the PCS pay campaign and ballot.

Stocks of materials can also be collected from your local regional or national PCS offices.  Editable materials available on the our main pay campaign page can be printed at your local PCS office or, if you want more than 500 copies, email directly organising@pcs.org.uk.  

Find your PCS office and give them a call.

Welsh materials are available direct from our Cardiff office: wales@pcs.org.uk

For advice, guidance or support during the ballot period contact organising@pcs.org.uk

Orders placed on this form are sent to organising@pcs.org.uk

Please do not contact our print and distribution department directly. It will take at least 5 working days to process your order.

Quantities:  When thinking about how many copies of leaflets or materials you need, think about the number of members (and non-members) in each of the workplaces in your branch and order on the basis of how many copies of the leaflet you will hand out on a ratio of 1:10.

Look through the list of materials – each has an individual order number – and then order what you need from the drop-down menu




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