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Civil servants face yet another real-terms pay cut. It’s clear that if we don’t stand up to the government now, we will fall even further behind not just our private sector counterparts, but behind other public sector workers as well.

The same government that is cutting the value of our pay has changed the law regarding industrial action ballots, and now every member who doesn’t vote, is treated by the law as if they are voting no. So if you don't vote in this ballot, it's the same as voting for a pay cut.

The ballot closes on 23 July 2018. Make sure you vote.

Fight the office closures and job cuts

HMRC management is continuing its campaign of office closures and job cuts. Under the 'Building Our Future' plans, the majority of offices will close and more than 9,000 jobs will be lost by 2021.

HMRC is refusing to justify its closure plans - to either PCS, parliament or the public. We have asked to see a business case but these requests have been ignored. Even the huge changes brought about by the decision to leave the EU have not had any affect on the closure plans.

Workers now face been made compulsorily redundant, while sometimes in the same areas, HMRC is recruiting other staff.

PCS oppose the plans and it is essential that members come together to defend the offices, your jobs and your livelihoods. You should:

If we stand together - we can win.

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