About the group

PCS in the Revenue and Customs group work to protect and improve your working conditions through negotiation with management.

Stronger together

Our collective strength has enabled us to make significant gains as we work with management to promote a modern framework of industrial relations.

PCS members in the Revenue & Customs group are organised into one of almost 90 separate branches depending where you work.

Each branch has an annually elected branch committee. Branches elect delegates to attend group conference each year where the policies and priorities for the year ahead are established on the basis of the motions that your branch puts to conference.

The Revenue and Customs group executive committee (GEC) elected annually by PCS members in HMRC and the VOA oversees the implementation of conference resolutions between conferences.

Group priorities

Our priorities include:

  • Delivering fair and equitable pay rises to all members as part of the pay negotiations in HMRC and the VOA
  • Campaigning against job cuts, office closures, privatisation and the government’s efficiency agenda
  • Playing our full part in the union's national campaign to defend jobs, services and pay
  • Ensuring that PCS members in the Revenue & Customs group receive the best possible representation at all levels
  • Providing a voice for all our members, particularly in areas where sections of our membership are underrepresented
  • Building a strong and well organised union

This website is for you

On this site you will find:

  • Latest news and updates about issues affecting PCS members in the Revenue & Customs group
  • Information and guidance for members to assist them at work
  • Resources and support for PCS representatives to help them undertake their work with members on behalf of the union
  • Contact points for group and branch officials
  • Details of campaigns being run by the group
  • Links to other sources of information and assistance

We are especially keen for members (and other readers) to provide feedback on their experience in using the site. If you have any comments, please contact RCGroup@pcs.org.uk.

Against office closures. Against job cuts. For fair pay

HMRC management is continuing its campaign of office closures and job cuts. Under the 'Building Our Future' plans, the majority of offices will close and more than 9,000 jobs will be lost by 2021.

HMRC is refusing to justify its closure plans - to either PCS, parliament or the public. We have asked to see a business case but these requests have been ignored; and management claim that even the huge changes brought about by the decision to leave the EU will have no effect on their closure plans.

HMRC workers now face been made compulsorily redundant, while sometimes in the same areas, the department is recruiting more staff.

Additionally, HMRC management have now imposed yet another pay award - one that means another real-terms pay cut, as PCS members' pay falls even further behind the cost of living.

It is essential that PCS members come together to defend offices, jobs and livelihoods. You should:

If we stand together - we can win.


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