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PCS is by far the largest union in HMRC, recognised by the department as having 'collective bargaining' rights for all grades below the Senior Civil Service (i.e. all grades up to and including Grade 6). Collective bargaining issues are issues which involve all staff in HMRC such as jobs, pay, and other terms and conditions of service.

Although it is not always possible, PCS always tries to reach collective agreements with the employer, as having a formal agreement provides the greatest measure of assurance that issues will be dealt with consistently. The agreements apply to all members of staff in the department, whether or not they are members of the union; but whenever there is a ballot on the introduction of an agreement, only union members get a vote on whether the agreement is acceptable.

This page provides links to copies of some of the key agreements reached between PCS and HMRC management. If you have any queries regarding these agreements, please contact the PCS Revenue and Customs group office.

Movement Between Tiers Agreement

This draft agreement is subject to a ballot of PCS members who are in receipt of the CIDAA allowance.
Employee Relations Agreement
This is the framework agreement which sets out the various mechanisms for negotations and consultation between the union and the department.
Redundancy Agreement
This is the key agreement which, in conjunction with the Civil Service Employee Policy guidance on voluntary exits and redudnancies, sets out the agreed approach that the department will take when handling potential staff surpluses. The Cabinet Office protocols introduced by the government in 2014 and 2016 were not agreed with PCS; and we ask branches to press the employer to take the additional steps needed to follow the original protocol agreed with PCS in 2008.
Contact Centre Flexibility Agreement
This is the agreement between PCS and contact centre management, which provides improved, mutual flexibility for staff working in contact centres, including staff on PN103 contracts.
CID Attendance Allowance Agreement
This is the document setting out what became the agreed arrangements for the payment of the attendance allowance in (the then) Criminal Investigation Directorate. Also available in this section is the proposals document that was subject to the ballot of PCS members, the Branch Briefing confirming the movement between tiers criteria, and an accompanying Q&A document.
Debt Management Agreement
This is the agreement between PCS and Debt Management regarding the introduction and operation of the Kcom and Selecta customer contact platforms.
MIS Agreement
This is the agreement related to the implementation and operation of the MIS system.
PaceSetter Agreement
This is the agreement related to the implementation and operation of the PaceSetter system.
PT Ops Working Level Agreement
This is the agreement between PCS and PT Operations management, regarding a number of issues, including working levels, monitoring and grading.
Planning and Forecasting Work Agreement
This is the agreement between PCS and the department regarding the Planning and Forecasting Work system, including the safeguards related to performance management etc.
Working Time Regulations Agreement
This is the agreement between PCS and (the then) Criminal Investigation Directorate, covering issues arising from the Working Time Regulations.

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