The Revenue and Customs group has advisory committees to represent and advise the group executive committee (GEC), the valuation office agency committee (VOAC) and branches on all issues relating to a number of groups including:

Role of the advisory committees

Advisory committees play a key role in the development of policy both with the official (employer) side and within PCS. They are tasked with reviewing policy and providing advice and guidance to negotiators on how to ensure policies in HMRC, VOA and PCS are inclusive and adopted possitively.

In addition to policy work, advisory committees produce an action plan each year to deliver of programme of work including the equality angles of the group organising action plans agreed by group conference.

Equalities and tax justice

Our campaign for tax justice has a direct impact on the equalities agenda within Revenue and Customs. All advisory committees have produced well researched reports on the impact of cuts on particular groups in society and alternative solutions. Advisory committee members presented their reports to Ann Begg, MP and at the Budget Day rally 23 March, 2011.

Advisory committees are also available to provide advice and guidance to personal case handlers when dealing with issues of discrimination. 

Advisory committee members will not handle cases directly themselves, these must be handled in members branches.

For more information on our equalities work contact AGS Mark Leopard or FTO Mary Doolin.

You can find contact details for all advisory committees here

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