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From those who have recorded race details on our membership system commix, PCS has identified nearly 3,000 black and minority ethnic (BME) members in the Revenue and Customs group spread across the country.

The role of the black members advisory committee (BMAC) is to ensure we represent the views of this significant layer of our membership. In order to achieve greater respresentation and to assist with our campaigns, we need more members to record their equality information.

You can update your race details (confidentially) via the iMembership system.

Who we are and what we do

The BMAC is a group of eight BME members elected annually at group conference to represent the interests of all BME members in HMRC and the VOA. We elect a chair and vice chair from with in our own number.

In addition to providing advice and guidance to the GEC we are tasked with implementing the equality section of the group organising action plan from a race persepctive. This includes:

  • Explaining the importance of monitoring for employers, members and staff;
  • building support for and campaigns to expose and Combat the far right and the BNP;
  • Developing a communication strategy to increase participation of black members.

This year, we will be challenging the inherent and institutionalised racism experienced by many of our members in Revenue and Customs. We will be producing a group black members' newsletter and will be organising a black members' event towards the end of this year.  

How you can get involved

If you want to become a member of the BMAC, you can take part in elections which are held each year at group conference (usually in May).

Each year branches are asked to nominate candidates and this usually takes place at branch annual general meetings (AGM's) at the beginning of the year. Speak to your branch secretary for more information.  

You can also assist our work by:

  • Become a workplace rep or distributor;
  • Ask your local branch executive committee (BEC) if you can be involved in helping to develop a strategy on increasing participation of BME members in your workplace;
  • Feed in your views to your advisory committee representatives;

Initially you may just want to attend to a BMAC meeting to see what is involved first hand. Feel free to contact the chair or by calling group office on 0151 298 3900.

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