Women members

The group women's advisory committee (or GWAC) is made up of eight women members elected annually at Revenue and Customs (R&C) group conference by branches to represent the interests of all women members in HMRC and the VOA.

We elect a chair and vice chair from the GWAC.

A voice in your workplace

The R&C group executive (GEC) acknowledges that the decisions of both R&C and PCS may impact on women in different ways. Our role is to ensure both sides have taken into account the impact their decisions have on women members.

In addition to providing advice and policy guidance to the GEC, we are tasked with implementing the equality section of the group organising action plan from a women's persepctive. 

Our work has included:

  • producing branch women's advisory committee (BWAC) packs for use in the workplace;
  • Analysing the number of women activists and looking at ways to increase representation and participation of women members;
  • Producing advice literature on women's health issues;
  • Looking at the effects on cuts to the civil service has had on women.

We have drafted an organising action plan for 2011 and 2012 which includes key objectives to ensure effective running of our committee, improving communications and developing an active network of branch women officers.

Our projects this year will cover:

  1. The gender impact of sickness absence
  2. The impact of a poor economic climate on women
  3. The female poverty trap - how choices made now shape our futures.

As well as advising the GEC on policy issues, we are developing a strategy document to persuade employers to adopt a domestic violence policy in the workplace.

In 2010 we produced a report on the impact of the cuts. 

How you can get involved

About 60% of workers in the civil service are women, yet we still have a disproportionately low level of women reps and activists. We actively encourage women to think about becoming a rep or an active member.

Ways you can do this include:

  • Volunteer to become a rep, distributor or women's officer in your branch. Contact a member of the advisory committee if you need more advice on this or your local branch secretary
  • Talk to other women members in your workplace about our work and our union. We welcome feedback from women members.

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