Young members

The young members' advisory committee (YMAC) consists of eight people aged 27 or under, elected annually at group conference by branches to represent the interests of all young members in HMRC and the VOA.

We elect a chair and vice chair from the YMAC.

A voice in your workplace

Unlike other advisory committees we have two key objectives. Firstly, to galvanise and educate young members in our group. Secondly, we provide policy guidance to the group executive committee (GEC) on matters relating to age. We examine both ends of the age spectrum in our analysis work.

There are more than 4,000 young members in the Revenue and Customs (R&C) group, which is just over 8% of our membership. However, there are about 5% of those young members active in our union.

The aim of the YMAC is to increase the number of young activists and to also change the perception that young people are not interested in unions or politics. The recruitment and organisation of young members is a key element to our work and for the future of our union.

The YMAC are at the forefront of this activity. We have organised successful annual training events that educate young members, both new and experienced.

Taking our agenda forward

Download and read the YMAC pack 2015-16

Across the department we are seeing an increase in the use of temporary and fixed term appointments (TFTA's). The majoriy of TFTAs are young. We will be focussing on the issues faced by these groups of workers, especially within contact centres and personal tax.

We will highlight the inequalities facing young workers on different contracts, many of whom feel segregated from the rest of the workforce. We believe the department may be using TFTA's to cover long term, important work - therefore there is a strong argument that these posts should be made permanent.

We'll also be highlighting how cuts to universal credits and changes to the benefits system will have an unfair impact on young people under 25. There are currently different procedures for crisis loans applications for those under 25.

With all the attacks raining down on young people, they may not have the attacks to their pensions high on their lists of priorities. The YMAC aims to highlight how important the issue is.

We will be using the PCS pensions calculator to show why young people need to be looking at their pensions as young members will be the one's to lose the most.

Workers Beer company (WBC)

The YMAC is proud of its committment to work with the WBC to provide R&C group young members the opportunity to raise money for the group hardship fund by working at various festivals, including Glastonbury.

Each year the YMAC issues a calling to branches to seek such volunteers, who, in order to be chosen you need to:

  • show a commitment to the trade union movement
  • be prepared to work hard and follow instructions from the WBC
  • be prepared for the wages earned to be donated to the group hardship fund.

The YMAC is proud of the fact that over the last few years nearly £7,000 has been raised for the group's hardship fund.

Get in touch

The YMAC welcomes constructive feedback from young members on all aspects of our work. If you would like to know more about what's involved in being a young members' rep, contribute to our campaigns or simply find out more information, feel free to contact a member of the young members advisory committee

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