'Pay Up!' in HMRC, HO and MoJ - Still time to organise

All branches should by now have organised their local payday protest for Thursday 31 August. If you have not already had the chance to do so, you should now ensure that your branch makes the final preparations for your participation in what is a nationally-coordinated campaign event.

Campaign material
Campaign material has been dispatched and branches should by now have received this, including:
•    Leaflets
•    Stickers
•    Petitions
•    Photo opportunity cards
•    Membership forms.

If your branch has not yet received your campaign material, please contact your PCS regional centre immediately.

A dedicated campaign page has been set up on the PCS website which contains downloadable material.

Each branch has been allocated a PCS full-time officer from their local regional centre, to support and assist branches in the organising and running of the payday protests. Branches should feel free to continue to contact their local regional centre if they need help and assistance at any stage.

HMRC have already confirmed that they are content for branches to desk-drop leaflets, providing:
•    The desk-dropping is in no way disruptive or disrupts people and their work          
•    The desk-dropping does not involve the distribution of material relating to the detailed planning or implementation of industrial action; and
•    The desk-dropping will take place in the PCS reps’ own time.

Obviously, if branches prefer to heighten the visibility of the campaign by distributing material at the entrance to their workplace, you are positively encouraged to do so.

Planning for the day
In readiness for the payday protest, you should make sure that you have:
•    Let your members know the time and precise venue of the protest, via a membership meeting, leafleting, social media etc. An editable poster/leaflet to advertise the meeting can be downloaded from the PCS website.
•    Sufficient copies of the stickers, petitions, photo opportunity cards and membership forms for the day
•    Encouraged all members to complete your departmental digital letter
•    A camera/phone camera available, so you can readily send photographs to EDITOR@pcs.org.uk. Remember to state where the photograph was taken and for which department(s)
•    Prepared to tweet your campaign news using the hashtag #payup


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