Group officers roles and responsibilities

Senior officers

  • Group President - Lorna Merry - Chief Executive negotiations, Group Executive management, PCS National Officer liaison, Border co-ordination.
  • Deputy Group President - Hector Wesley - Facility Time, Customer Compliance, CDIO, Learning, Professional Managers Association.
  • Group Treasurer - Hamish Drummond - Group Finance, Chief Finance Officer, HMRC Legal and Account, Devolved Taxation.
  • Deputy Group Secretary - John Davidson - Departmental TUS Secretary, Customer Services Group, Transformation (including Building Our Future).


Assistant group secretaries

  • Clive Bryant - Customer Strategy and Tax Design, Chief Finance Officer
  • Phil Dickens - Counter- Avoidance, Risk and Intelligence Service, Fraud Investigation
  • Mark Emmerson - Chief Departmental Information Officer (CDIO), Health and Safety, Large Business
  • Ian Lawther - Individual and Small Business Compliance, Wealthy and Mid-Sized Business Compliance,
  • Marianne Owens - Chief People Officer, Pay, Performance Management, Legal and Accounts
  • Colette Smith - Benefits and Credits, Customer Strategy and Tax Design
  • John Smith - Personal Tax, Customer Services Change, Operational Delivery Profession
  • Bobby Young - Business Tax Operations, Debt Management, Operational Excellence

Or&cle Editor / Group Communications - Dave Hansford


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Page last updated: 12 June 2018

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