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Too Few Staff. Too Much Work. Too Much Change.

12 Jan 2018

The influential House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts has just published its latest report into the work of HMRC. The report reprises a number of comments and criticisms the committee has made in a number of its recent reports, and it makes a number of observations which will come as no surprise to members. This briefing highlights a number of key points made by the report.

Voluntary Redundancy Offers Confirmed for Members in Lillyhall and Redruth

12 Jan 2018

As part of the Building Our Future location strategy HMRC will continue with its office closure programme into 2018. Members in Lillyhall, Cumbria and Redruth, Cornwall last year went through the 1-2-1 process, aimed at assessing whether they were able to move to another location.

Unsurprisingly, given the location, most members in both offices are outside of Reasonable Daily Travel (around an hour each way and reasonable in the light of individual circumstances) of another HMRC site. Therefore, the department has now told staff in these locations that it will be making offers of Voluntary Redundancy to members in both locations on Thursday, 18th January.

Under the Redundancy Policy and CO protocol, a formal period of Consultation with the unions will start on the same day and this is the first such consultation that will take place under the terms of the new policy.  

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