Contingency measures for branches to submit emergency motions to conference

17 May 2019

Guidance for branches on submission of emergency motions to group and national conference.

You may be aware that there has been a serious attack on the PCS IT system using malicious ransomware script. This has happened at an absolutely critical time pre-conference; and has created major problems for the submission of group and national emergency motions, which are submitted via motions online.

In order to ensure that branches have the opportunity to submit emergency motions, a contingency measure has been agreed. If your branch wishes to submit emergency motions to group or national conference, please read and adhere to the following process carefully:

  1. The submitting officer should attach the motions in MS Word format to an email. Make sure that each motion is clearly marked whether it is intended for group conference or for national conference (e.g. “motion to national conference” or “motion to R&C conference”)

  2. In the body of the email, the submitting officer should confirm that the motions were carried at a properly convened general meeting, giving the time and date of the meeting. The submitting officer should conclude the email with his/her name, branch position (e.g. Branch Secretary, R&C London North branch) and membership number; then send the email to the branch confirming officer.

  3. The branch confirming officer should then check the motions to ensure they are content with the submission. Once the confirming officer is content, they should forward the  email from the submitting officer (with agreed motions attached) to . When forwarding the email, the confirming officer should include in the body of the email confirmation that they are content that the motions are correct; and sign with his/her name and branch position (e.g. Branch Chair, R&C London North branch) and membership number. This way, the email will carry the details of the submitting officer and the confirming officer, ensuring that we are compliant with the union’s rules on submission of motions.

  4. The deadline for receipt of emergency motions has been extended to 5:00PM on Friday 17 May 2019.

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