Crown House dispute - Another vote for action blocked by anti-union laws

01 May 2019

Members have voted 3:1 for strike and 9:1 for action short of a strike in a ballot just 14 votes short of 50% threshold demanded by anti-union laws

PCS members in Crown House, Wolverhampton, have voted overwhelmingly for strike action and action short of a strike, in opposition to management’s plans to close their office.

In the statutory postal ballot, PCS members voted by a margin of 3:1 for strike action and more than 9:1 for action short of a strike; making it clear that members overwhelmingly oppose the department’s plans to close their office.

Prior to the introduction of the Tories’ undemocratic Trade Union Act in 2016, this ballot result would have been more than sufficient to trigger industrial action in Crown House. However, unlike every other form of ballot in the UK, trade union industrial action ballots now require a 50% turnout – the kind of turnout demand that – for example - would have left nearly every by-election or council election seat unfilled.

However, even with that outrageous restriction, PCS has fallen just 14 votes short of the 50% threshold demanded by the anti-union laws.

Fighting the closure of Crown House
PCS thanks all of those members who voted in the ballot. Although the law means that PCS isn't in a position to launch the industrial action members have voted for, the fight to defend Crown House will continue. PCS will continue to work with local MPs and raise our case through other campaigning means.

The branch will meet shortly to discuss taking the campaign forward, including reviewing the prospect of seeking a renewed industrial action mandate.

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