FIS Attendance Allowances Update

20 Feb 2018

PCS has been in talks with FIS senior management over the principles of how members move between tiers of the Criminal Investigation Directorate Attendance Allowance (CIDAA). Those talks have now ended, and the group executive committee is looking to consult members on the final outcome. There is a final draft of the proposed principles for moving between allowance tiers.

Emergency Motion 1 from conference 2017 instructed the GEC to pursue a fair and equitable agreement on movement between allowance tiers. In doing so the negotiators have sought to ensure that the arrangements for moving up tiers, whilst taking account of the different organisational structure now in place, reflected the ‘orderly bus queue’ of the agreement made in 2012.

Where the principles reference movement down tiers, we focused on making sure that this was in line with existing HMRC policy and guidance at HR44104, whilst tightening up the arrangements for consultation with the union.

We have also sought and received assurances from the Official Side that they have no intention of moving anybody down allowance tiers either now or in the near future. Indeed, the direction of travel has been in favour of additional uplifts and the business has engaged with us on increasing the number of staff on higher allowance tiers whilst the talks have been ongoing.

The GEC discussed the proposals at our last meeting in January. This included the concerns raised by representatives from the Criminal Justice Branch, who brought the motion to Conference. The GEC is keen to ensure that those concerns are addressed and that we can reach an agreement that meets the terms of the motion.

As such, the GEC agreed that we will fully consult with members over the proposed principles. We will also be meeting representatives of the Criminal Justice Branch and the national union to iron out a common position.

Consultation arrangements

We will be holding members’ meetings across the country starting in the week beginning 19 February.

The group will be contacting those branches covering the areas where PCS members receive CIDAA to make arrangements and ensure that as far as possible all members get the opportunity to attend. If you receive the allowance, you are strongly urged to attend the meeting in your area once you are notified of it and to take part in the consultation.

Next steps

The GEC will need to consider the feedback from the consultation in order to make a recommendation. PCS was instructed by conference to ballot all affected members on the outcome of the talks over this issue, and we will advise members of the arrangements for the ballot as well as our recommendation once this is due to commence.

Get involved!

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