Support Ealing members' strike over office closure plans

18 Mar 2019

First in series of strikes takes place on 20 March 2019, followed by overtime ban.

Fighting for jobs and services

HMRC’s ill-considered office closure plans, which they still euphemistically call ‘Building Our Future’, will have a particularly heavy impact on our members working in International House in Ealing.

Many members working in the office have already been redeployed, having gone through the torment of earlier office closures; and there is also a significant proportion of staff with disabilities and caring responsibilities - making it near impossible for them to commute to Stratford. HMRC’s claim that once the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line opens, everyone will be able to get from Ealing to Stratford in no time, totally fails to take into account a couple of basic points:

  • because of the earlier closures, many staff in International House already have a commute just to get to Ealing, making an onward commute to Stratford well outside reasonable daily travel; and
  • the opening of the Elizabeth Line is already way behind schedule, with no clear timetable for when it will actually open.

Ealing is the last main HMRC office located anywhere near Heathrow Airport, the busiest airport in Europe and the seventh busiest in the world. Operationally, to close the only office in the vicinity makes no sense whatsoever. So as well as putting most of the office at risk of redundancy, losing thousands of years of tax and customs knowledge and experience in the process, there will be a serious impact on the service as well.

Timetable for action

PCS members will be taking the following industrial action:
  • Wednesday 20 March: walkout at 12:00 noon for half-day strike
  • Thursday 21 March: overtime ban begins
  • Tuesday 26 March: walkout at 12:00 noon for half-day strike
  • Wednesday 3 April: one-day strike
  • Wednesday 10 April–Friday 12 April: three-day strike.

Support the Ealing strikers

Offices across HMRC are facing closure because of the ‘Building Our Future’ programme, and our members in International House are the first to take a stand in defence of their jobs and the service they provide.

Make sure you give them all the support they need. You can:

  • Send a message of support to
  • Show your support on social media, using the hashtag #SaveEalingTaxOffice
  • E-mail the Chief Executive at, and call on Jon Thompson to ensure that HMRC retains a long-term presence in Ealing
  • Visit the walk-out/picket line at International House, 7 High Street, Ealing
  • Donate online to the strikers’ campaign online.

Thank you for your solidarity.

Get involved

Remember: HMRC can be restrictive about what circulars are distributed using the department’s email system, so make sure that you stay in touch with your union.

If you haven’t already done so, let PCS have your personal email address and your mobile phone number. We’ll only use it to keep you informed about PCS matters. You can update your details online via i-Membership or by e-mailing

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