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The period in the PCS calendar between February and May is probably the busiest time of the year for all of our TU reps, whether they be members of your national, group or branch executive committees.

This time period spans branch annual general meetings, motions to national and group conferences and, of course, the annual elections for all of our reps.

While the removal of both paid time off for AGMs, and the ability of branch reps to run elections in facility time has made it more difficult to organise and persuade members to participate in the democratic process, it is more important than ever for our union to advertise and get members involved.

The AGM gives members the chance to elect their local representatives and to nominate other reps for the group and national elections. In a union that prides itself in its member driven and lay represented credentials, the more members attending meetings then the more likely PCS will have a varied and diverse pool of candidates for members to choose from.

This year, the HMRC group elections will be electronic for the first time and we should all hope that the number of members participating increases above the low turnouts we have sometimes achieved.

The AGM also gives local members the chance to put motions to their branch, but more importantly to their group and national conferences for debate amongst delegates. This truly gives them a say in policy making, for if your motion is passed at conference, it could be a start to changing pay, terms and conditions, or the way you work in your workplace.

Get involved, get active and help make PCS policy for the year ahead.

Dave Hansford

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