Or&cle Issue 1 2017

Big holes in BoF plans
By Lorna Merry
We start off this new-look Or&cle with the president's address, pointing out again the massive flaws in HMRC's Building our Future plan, and looking at the recent NAO and treasury committee reports which slam the department's poor planning when it comes to both buildings and the future (of digitalisation). Read more

PCS Advocates
By Pete Goddard
What is the role of PCS Advocates? A PCS Advocate is someone who, while not choosing to become a fully-fledged rep, is a 'voice' for PCS in the workplace. Many good members who turn up to meetings, help to convince colleagues of the value of PCS and generally encourage others to get involved in union activity, would be well suited to this role. Through a network of advocates PCS will be able to build it's strength and influence in the workplace. Find out more about becoming a PCS Advocate.

Lessons to be learned from 1-2-1s
By Simon Boniface

A discussion on the challenges branches will face when it comes to helping their members through the 1-2-1 process, and the lessons learned by one branch which has already seen a massive upheaval in recent months. Read more

Within but without
By Paul Wolfe

In this article Paul Wolfe looks at the issues around the fiasco of HMRC farming out work to the private sector and how it quickly needed to be brought back in-house, with the private sector workers coming along with it. Read more

Editor's piece
By Dave Hansford

The group editor, Dave Hansford, highlights the importance of engagement with members at annual general meetings, how members help make PCS policy and the importance of using your vote in forthcoming group and national union elections. Read more

Flexed to breaking point

A member, wishing to protect their identity, shares the difficulties and uncertainties experienced by them and their colleagues in HMRC flex sites all over the UK, where the employer's need to do more is at the expense of the quality of work and the health of the workforce. Read more

PCS Credit Union
By Harvey Crane

Harvey Crane looks at the role of the credit union for PCS members and encourages you to consider joining. Read more

New performance management trial in VOA
By Kevin Williams

The VOA secretary looks at the trial of a revised PMR system in the VOA and puts the spotlight on what the new performance management system might look like across HMRC in the year ahead. Read more

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