Or&cle Issue 1 2018

Editor overview
Group Editor, Bobby Young, gives an overview of PCS' improvements over the last year, as well as urging the importance of voting in PCS elections and attending mandate meetings. Read more

Our security at stake
Assistant group secretary, Clive Bryant, outlines PCS' campaign to bring all departmental security staff in-house and explains what you can do to help. Read more

South coast campaign
Portsdown Vectis branch describes its campaign to fight for jobs and offices in the south of England – not just to protect jobs but also to ensure the department can continue to fulfill its obligations. Read more

Attendance management update
Group vice-president, Hector Wesley, describes some of the more egregious aspects of the current attendance management policy and what PCS is doing to fight against it. Read more

Two days away from a foodbank
PCS Salford Revenue Branch talks about its work to fight against austerity, collecting for the central Salford foodbank. Read more

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