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It's been another important year for PCS within the R&C Group. BoF is our biggest group campaign by far and despite the department's massive propaganda campaign aiming to present BoF as a fait accompli, PCS campaigns have already saved jobs and overturned decisions in various offices across the UK. BoF is not an inevitability – but a successful campaign requires everyone to be involved, irrespective of whether you're a long-time activist or a new member.

Organisationally our group is improving – our membership and activist bases are growing, we're developing bargaining structures in a multitude of business areas and we're seeing more local campaigns gathering momentum against office closures. We've also got massive buy-in from politicians from various parties, as evidenced the support we received at the recent Westminster lobby referenced in the south coast campaign update.

Aside from our industrial campaigns, this is an important time of year within PCS due to the upcoming elections and conference. It's important that as many of you as possible attend your mandate meetings and vote in the GEC (and NEC) elections. A higher turnout in elections and at meetings gives every elected rep and conference delegation the strongest possible mandate to set and carry out policy for the year ahead.

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