Two pay days away from a foodbank

PCS Salford Revenue branch reps have been busy over the last few months collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries for the local central Salford foodbank. As austerity bites ever further into the lives of staff in the branch the response by PCS members to the collections has been wonderful. Our reps have been amazed by the incredible generosity of colleagues.   

Salford Revenue branch reps have been on the frontline with education on the values of the foodbank and highlighting their work in the community.

Food bank

Recent donations from our colleagues

On many occasions our colleagues have reminded branch reps that after 7 years of pay cuts and rising inflation, wedded to wider public service cuts, we too could be going to a local foodbank in the near future. Staff have shown full support for the foodbank and its clients and continue to support ongoing collections at Trinity Bridge House.


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