Welcome to this special pay, pensions and recruitment edition of OR&Cle.

Back in September and October your group executive committee had the widest possible consultation on pay with PCS members in their workplaces. The overwhelming feedback from those meetings was that members had had enough of the 10 years of pay restraint.

Members deserve a decent pay rise to start reducing the effects of what has amounted to a real terms pay cut in both our pay and pensions. You made it clear that you didn’t want to trade your terms and conditions for a tiny premium, but wanted to retain and improve them and your basic pay, particularly due to the continued quality service you provide in spite of HMRC’s continued ill-fated BoF Location plans.

Your executive committee shares your concerns, as does the national executive committee, and that is reflected in their pay claim for 2019. We will keep you informed, but we need to be prepared to ballot for industrial action, and do all we can to not only turn out a huge YES vote, but to breach the government’s 50% imposed threshold.

Finally, take part in your branch AGM, listen to the guest speakers and continue to take part in making PCS policy.

Dave Hansford
Group editor

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