BOF location plans

Although PCS is fundamentally opposed to the Building Our Future (BoF) location plans, we recognise the importance of engaging with HMRC to take forward our members' issues and concerns over moves to the regional centres. We use our Revenue and Customs (R&C) Group Executive Committee (GEC) regional centre hub structure to do this.
There are 12 PCS regional centre hubs altogether: Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Northern Ireland, Nottingham, Scotland, the South Coast and Wales.

Each regional centre hub has a GEC lead (find out who your GEC lead here) and they convene meetings between the branches within that region. Each branch will send two delegates to these meetings to provide feedback on behalf of their members and the GEC leads will consult with branches and provide updates on any departmental trade union side (DTUS) negotiations.

This information is then used by GEC hub leads and local reps when attending meetings such as the regional centre engagement groups where we discuss a whole range of issues and concerns such as the location of the buildings, equality issues, the delivery of the work, the retention of staff and their skills, transport links and environmental issues etc.

GEC hub leads and branches also use these meetings to discuss organising, bargaining and campaigning strategies. We’ve got a number of inspirational campaigns being led by our branch reps who are working together to save offices. Some examples include the South Coast Campaign, the West Lothian Campaign, Stay In EK (East Kilbride ) Cumbernauld and most recently, the save Ealing Tax Office campaign. These campaigns are gaining momentum and are receiving a lot of political interest. If you want to know more about our campaigning, please visit the PCS R&C Keep job local campaign page.

You will find campaign material such as Building an Uncertain Future (which was produced in conjunction with the Tax Justice Network).

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