OR&Cle issue 2 2019

From the editor
At the time of writing this column, PCS has been through one of their biggest consultations with members for years.

From the president
PCS has been saying that HMRC’s pay system is in crisis for quite some time, so it was good to see the interim chief executive, Jim Harra, say it in front of the Treasury select committee.

What Brexit means for PCS
PCS has been talking to HMRC about the impacts of Brexit on our members for some time. There are serious issues for PCS members. The situation has swung back and forth since March and who knows what it will be when this reaches you.

Fighting Cumbernauld demolition
From the first announcement of HMRC’s ironically titled Building Our Future programme in 2015, it was clear reps and members in Cumbernauld weren’t prepared to accept their imposed fate with ease.

Engaging with young members
Hello everyone, my name is Megan McQuade and I am very grateful to have been elected as the new chair of the HMRC young members advisory committee (YMAC).

Black History Month 2019 – celebrating achievement
The theme for this year’s Black History Month (BHM) is celebrating achievement.

Women of the Windrush
When the Windrush came into dock at Tilbury on 22 June 1948, it came not just loaded with passengers, but with hopes, aspirations and style.

Hate crime
Unless you live in a bubble it should not have escaped you that hate crime is on the rise.

Disability History Month
This year’s Disability History Month focuses on leadership, resistance and culture.

Join 1st Class Credit Union
A year ago PCS Credit Union merged with the credit union of the Communication Workers Union, and is now part of 1st Class Credit Union, offering an even wider range of benefits and services to our members.

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