PCS Credit Union

I have, for many years, been a director of the PCS Credit Union. I have really enjoyed working with the other directors and staff in that time. All the people involved passionately believed in the ethos of the credit union. Many of the directors were former PCS activists and it was great that they were continuing to help PCS members in a different role.

I was amongst other roles the complaints officer. I wouldn’t say it was like that old advert for Carlsberg where it was a dusty office that no one contacted but it was pretty close. Credit union members really appreciate the service and at the end of the day it is a co-operative, owned by our members and dedicated to helping them.

The short-term loans are of great importance particularly for those who would otherwise be ripped off by companies charging silly rates of interest. There are however large loans at very good rates and according to Es Chorlton, the credit union secretary, “we are extending the range of loan products radically in the near future” so check out the website from time to time.

I use the credit union primarily for saving each year so I had a holiday in Norfolk with my family. Savings are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and there is a yearly dividend paid on savings. As far as I can recall it was 1% last year.

The credit union is a great organisation; ethical, democratic and growing. I would encourage anyone who is not already member to join. Family members can also join. I would like to thank the branch reps and volunteers who continue to promote and recruit people. The credit union is a great help to many members and – please excuse the pun – a credit to PCS.

Harvey Crane

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