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Welcome to the R&C group organising pages, linking branch organisers and activists with the latest development of organising in HMRC and the VOA.

Members and reps can find support with their organising activities from this section.

Organising support from PCS HQ

Although progress is being made, there is still the potential to recruit thousands of new PCS members in HMRC, with increased recruitment by the department, and thousands more new apprentices and trainees due to start by 2020.

Organising model
The PCS organising model is not just about recruiting new members, but also about building the union generally. This means finding and training more new activists in workplaces and branches, building the diversity of our activists so that they are representative of our membership, significantly increasing the level of members’ personal communication data that we hold on our database, and building campaigns in offices.

Recognising the challenges faced by hard-working reps on the ground, the PCS Revenue and Customs group has been working with the Union’s Organising Department to identify practical ways to support branches with this vital work.

HQ support
The PCS national executive committee has agreed to deploy an unprecedented number of PCS headquarters staff, to provide dedicated support to local Revenue and Customs branches up and down the country.

Group organiser Tracy Boyce me with the PCS national organiser Pete Lockhart to discuss a range of industrial issues in the group which could provide opportunities to organise and recruit, along with how the PCS group organising strategy can be better progressed with HMRC.

Consequently, branches will be contacted as quickly as possible, to help draw up plans and set up activities to address the key organising areas requiring attention.  Regular contact with branches will be maintained, and on-going support and practical resources will be provided, to assist branches with organising, campaigning and industrial relations. Bespoke recruitment material and induction packs will also be provided.

Branches will be provided with a ‘mapping tool’, which will enable them to identify all members and non-members by directorate, within each of their workplaces. Branches are encouraged to provide ideas for resources and best practice.

National ballot
In the lead up to the national consultative ballot on pay, which opened on 9 October and will close on 6 November, there has never been a more important time to get organised. Our aim must be to beat the 50% threshold, with a ‘Yes’ vote in every workplace. The ballot will be an effective recruitment tool for PCS as non-members will be able to vote if they join in the lead-up to the deadline.

Further briefings will be issued regarding the organising and recruitment drive over the coming weeks, along with arrangements for branch dial-ins. If anyone has any immediate queries, they should contact the group organiser at

Additional support

The R&C group has regional organisers that are available to support branches with delivering branch, group and national organising strategies and goals.  Regional organisers look after two PCS regions/devolved nations each.  Further support is available by email r&

Membership records

Branch officers and members can now keep their branch records fully up to date via the iMembership system.  Keeping your personal records up to date is vital so that we can keep you informed of what is happening in the workplace.

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