PCS inductions for new starters

Feedback from branches indicates that new entrants, in a number of business streams, are not always receiving a PCS induction. The HMRC Employee Relations Agreement (ERA) states:

"PCS has sole recognition rights for staff in grades AA to SO and PCS have joint recognition rights for Grades 6 and 7 and fast stream grades."

The agreement goes on to say that: "arrangements for recognition rights at SCS level are handled by the Cabinet Office" and "HMRC encourages staff to join an appropriate union and union officials will be allowed access to staff for whom they hold representational rights to explain the benefits of membership and seek recruits."

All new entrants for whom PCS has recognition rights, should therefore receive a PCS induction as part of their wider induction into HMRC.

ACAS guidance

“Employees who are union representatives of an independent trade union recognised by their employer are to be permitted reasonable time off during working hours to carry out certain trade union duties" and under the list of trade union duties it includes:

  • Representational arrangements
  • Any union involvement in the induction of new workers.

So it is clear that reps are allowed paid time off to undertake inductions, which - given that the department encourages staff to join the appropriate trade union - means that reps should not meet with opposition from local Lines of Business when it comes to them being involved in the induction of new workers.

Action to take to ensure all new entrants receive a PCS induction

All assistant group secretaries (AGS) have been asked to contact the Lines of Business they are responsible for to seek assurance that PCS will be provided with access to inductions. Branches should inform the Group Executive Committee (GEC) of any issues with access to inductions via the appropriate Business Trade Union Side (BTUS) or the GEC/AGS lead if a BTUS structure does not currently exist.  Please also copy in group organiser tracy.boyce@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk

Branch officers are being asked to contact the Building Responsible Manager (BRM) for each location within their branch to request that PCS is given adequate notice of any new entrants starting. Contact details for BRMs can be found by clicking on the buildings directory on the HMRC intranet page.

If branches are aware of any new entrants who haven’t yet received an induction, please ensure that an induction is arranged retrospectively as soon as possible.

Information and resources to assist branches with inductions can be found on the PCS website.

If branches need any advice/support on delivering Inductions (including arranging for someone outside of the branch to assist), please contact tracy.boyce@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk.


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