Your branch representatives - updating the union's records

Following our annual general meeting, the union’s membership system (Commix) needs to be updated to record changes in your branch representatives.

There are three routes to enable your branch records to be updated:

Group office

Branch changes for communications can be emailed to group office or posted to:

  • The Revenue and Customs group, 3rd Floor, Jack Jones House, 1 Islington, Liverpool, L3 8EG 

Membership department

The Membership department provides support and training to group and regional offices and is also able to update branch records.


Branches have direct access to Commix via the members' section of this website.

You can record which of your members hold positions within your branch. The exception is the branch secretary, as their details should be altered/ updated by either the group office or membership department.

There is guidance on using commix on-line to record branch representatives on this website.

Contacting us

To update records a membership number or national insurance number is required for each representative.

List of positions

To ensure consistency across the union, we have devised the list of branch positions, detailed below. These positions are available on commix. They may not exactly match your branch titles, but please use the nearest equivalent. A form for your completion and return is attached.

  • Branch assistant organiser
  • Branch assistant secretary
  • Branch assistant treasurer
  • Branch chair
  • Branch committee member
  • Branch equal opportunity officer
  • Branch health & safety officer
  • Branch learning representative
  • Branch learning rep co-ordinator
  • Branch organiser
  • Branch secretary
  • Branch treasurer
  • Branch vice-chair
  • Branch women’s officer
  • Branch youth officer
  • Workplace health & safety representative
  • Workplace representative

Branch records update: branch representatives (year)

Branch code 
Branch name 
Date of your AGM 
Your name 
Your position 
Your signature 
Contact Number 
Email Address 
Workplace Address 

Position*                 Membership No**     First Name       Surname

Branch Chair 
Branch Vice Chair 
Branch Secretary 
Branch Assistant Secretary 
Branch Treasurer 
Branch Assistant Treasurer 
Branch Organiser 
Branch Assistant Organiser 
Branch Equal Opportunities Officer 
Branch Health & Safety Officer 
Branch Learning Representative 
Branch Learning Rep Coordinator 
Branch Women’s Officer 
Branch Youth Officer 
Branch Committee Member 
Branch Committee Member 
Branch Committee Member 
Branch Committee Member 
Branch Committee Member 

* use the nearest match to titles used by your branch. If you have more than one of a particular position then use the blank rows.
** if a membership number cannot be found then use the NI number, but we do ask that you give us one of them for each representative.
Complete this form and return it to:

R&C Group, 3rd Floor, Jack Jones House, 1 Islington, Liverpool, L3 8EG 

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