Personal Cases in HMRC

Personal Cases – Advice to Representatives and Members

As part of the strategic review of PCS, the union is in the process of bringing together what was formerly the Membership Department and the Legal and Personal Case Unit into a single operation, to be known as the PCS Support Centre; and this is therefore an appropriate juncture to set out where Revenue and Customs group personal cases need to be directed.
Personal Case handling
PCS Revenue and Customs Group Conference has established the protocols for handling personal cases in Revenue and Customs group. However, this has not prevented some branches from advising members to contact either PCS HQ or the group office in the first instance.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with PCS National Branch Briefing BB/067/18, which sets out details of the new PCS Support Centre and reaffirms the personal case protocols. Representatives can access the briefing by logging on to the PCS Document Library.

RC Group Personal Case protocols
A summary of the Revenue and Customs group personal case procedure is as follows:
  • The member should in the first instance contact their local branch; as the standard practice for personal case handling within PCS, is that cases should be dealt with by a local representative
  • Where a case is too complex for a local branch, the branch should contact their regional Hub Lead to support the local rep in taking it forward. Hub Lead details are on the PCS website.
  • If there is no-one in the branch capable of handling the case, even with the support of the Hub Lead, then representation will be sought from sister branches in the locale – again, supported by the Hub Lead. The cost and facilities will remain the responsibility of the member’s branch. Only in extreme cases, where the Hub Lead cannot find a representative, should the case be considered for handling by the Hub Lead directly
  • Finally, where all of the above has failed to secure representation, only then can the case be referred (via the group office) to the PCS Support Centre. Even then, referring a case to the PCS Support Centre will not guarantee a PCS Full Time Official will be handling the case.

Wherever local branch representatives or Hub leads are handling cases; support and advice – including where necessary, legal advice - will be available via the group office.

Additionally, the group office should be urgently notified where the personal case clearly has a wider impact (e.g. impacting on wider, collective terms and conditions of service; or where it involves Trade Union discrimination etc.)

Detailed advice for Representatives and Members
Representatives and Members are adviised that more detailed advice is available in the Personal Case section of the main PCS website.

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