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A new PCS union learning representatives (ULRs) agreement in the VOA

Whether you are already a learning rep, thinking of becoming one or simply interested in what learning reps are all about we hope you will find something of interest for you.

Put simply ULRs are union reps who promote learning in their workplace and their key responsibilities include:

  • Giving encouragement to members who want to review and broaden their range of skills
  • Supporting members and providing help to overcome learning barriers
  • Raising the profile of learning in the workplace
  • Identifying members learning needs and building the link with PCS
  • Signposting members to all sources of learning advice and support on all learning issues.

ULRs secured statutory recognition under the Employment Act 2002. They have a similar status to health and safety reps, which includes a legal right to reasonable paid time off to perform their duties.

Our licence to skill (the ULR agreement in the VOA)

The tripartite agreement between PCS /AVOV and the VOA covers all aspects of the work of ULRs in the VOA and complements the legal status outlined above.

The agreement includes:

  • joint responsibilities and commitment for promoting learning, including lifelong learning, between ULRs, HR Learning and VOA managers
  • reasonable time off for ULRs to perform their role, as well as for members to consult with their ULR
  • setting out in more detail the role of ULRs within the VOA.

The full text of the VOA’s ULR agreement has been sent to all VO Branch Secretaries

Much more information about ULRs can be found on the learning pages of this website.

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