Job cuts, pensions cuts and pay freeze in Royal Collection Trust

30 Jun 2020

On 25 June the Royal Households announced that in the Royal Collections Trust they want to reduce the wage bill by 20% and cut employers’ pensions contributions from 15% to 8%. This will mean significant job cuts, as well as reduced pensions for PCS members. Additionally they have imposed a pay freeze. 

Royal Collection Trust is the arm of the Royal Households that manages the Royal Collection of the British royal family which is believed to be the largest private art collection in the world, including some extremely valuable, internationally-renowned works. Royal Collection Trust is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and conservation of the Royal Collection.

The job roles of PCS members working for the Royal Collection Trust include visiting services, ticketing, retail, and porters at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, among other royal establishments and are among the lowest paid jobs in the Royal Households. At present staff working in the Royal Collection Trust are the only group of workers in the 5 departments of the Royal Household to be facing redundancy and pensions cuts.

Despite its connections to the Royal Family the Royal Collection Trust has charitable status and is dependent on its commercial activities, as well as having a close financial relationship with the Sovereign Grant. The Sovereign Grant is public money provided annually by the government to fund the monarch’s official duties.

PCS is demanding the following:

  • The redundancy process is halted.
  • There are no pensions cuts.
  • The Royal Family and Government intervene to make sure this group of workers do not pay the price for the pandemic.
  • There is full consultation with PCS to ensure staff return to work after the lockdown safely. 

PCS members working in the Culture Sector are in the frontline of the cuts The Royal Households is the second employer connected to the Royal Family, after the Historic Royal Palaces, to look at imposing severe cuts and PCS is demanding that the government and Royal Family step in bail out these failing organisations.

We will be holding a members' meeting using Zoom technology at 11am on Friday 3 July. You will receive an email explaining how to participate. Everyone is welcome.

What you can do:

  1. Sign and share the petition: Emergency Funding For Culture Now
  2. Make sure PCS has your personal email and mobile phone number - so we can keep in touch easily. Log into PCS Digital
  3. Attend the members’ meeting.
  4. Contact your work colleagues to make sure they’ve seen this briefing.
  5. Ask non member colleagues to consider joining PCS.

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