Museums Association - salary guidelines

16 Jan 2017

Low pay recognised as a major problem

The Museums Association will shortly begin gathering data to produce a new salary guidance. This will be an update to their last report in 2009.

As the Association notes “Low pay is widely recognised as a major problem for the sector. Museum pay is falling behind that of comparable sectors, and is barely keeping up with the cost of living”.

This accords with our own evidence that low wages, as well as exorbitant housing costs, energy bills and transport fares, have led to a cost of living crisis for UK families.

The cost of living crisis impacts upon all working people staff across all socio-economic groups but with our lowest paid colleagues suffering the greatest detriment, as the increase in living i.e. household necessities has outstripped pay increases for several years and in particular has been exacerbated since 2010.

This information will form part of our model pay claim for bargaining areas within the Culture Group, putting into context (and justifying) our demands on pay.

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