Eastern ARMs (Associate and Retired Members)

Date of future Meetings

The ARMs Eastern Region Executive meeting is scheduled to take place on (date to be agreed).

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The associate and retired members' association (ARMS) provides services and information for members of the union who have retired or moved on to other jobs where PCS does not operate and who wish to keep in touch.

The Eastern regional branch of the ARMs group has more than 1,000 members. The region covers the counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. We are here to represent your interests and campaign for a fair deal for our members.

The branch ensures the voice of retired and associate members is heard throughout the union, including having a representative on the Eastern regional committee, and in the wider political and pensioner movement.

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National ARMs contacts

Working with other retired members

We play an active role in the National Pensioners convention (NPC), with two of our committee members on the NPC regional committee. We are also represented at their convention in Blackpool each year. The NPC are currently running a very successful campaign to defend universal Pensioner benefits. If you want further information on NPC their email address is info@npcuk.org

We are also involved with other retired union members through our involvement in the South East region TUC.

If you want to know more about the branch, be involved in any of its activities or raise any issue with the committee please contact the ARMs regional secretary.

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Stay in touch

As well as the access to services and benefits that being a member of ARMs provides, we want to let you know about trade union events and activities in your area. The majority of communication to PCS members is via workplace representatives - not an option for ARMs members. However PCS is increasing direct communication to members through email and texting. Let us keep you informed by giving us your contact details by logging into PCS Digital.

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Eastern ARMs committee

The committee members, with previous employer details, are:

Chair: Laura Martin (DWP)

Vice chair/Organiser: Richard Edwards (PCS)

Treasurer: Ken Pauley (HMRC)

Secretary: Vince Fitzgibbon (HMSO) secretary.eastern@arms-pcs.org.uk

Committee members:

  • Dave Carman (HMRC)
  • Jean Edwards (DWP)
  • Mick Hardy (HMSO)

Auditor: Bob John

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