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PCS Eastern organises a programme of training courses for reps in the east of England. These courses are non-residential and are usually held in the PCS eastern office. Not working in the eastern region? Apply for our courses through your regional office.

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TUC courses

PCS will pay reasonable expenses for stage 1 TUC courses provided that authorisation is obtained from the PCS eastern regional office prior to commencing the course. In order to help us assess whether we have sufficient funds to cover your expenses please request a PCS eastern expenses estimate calculator form from eastern@pcs.org.uk to send to us with your TUC application. Please do not send your forms direct to the college. Before enrolling online you must get authorisation from us for payment of your expenses by sending us your completed estimate and then please send us a copy of your enrolment information. Failure to obtain authorisation from this office prior to commencing the course may result in us not being able to pay your expenses. You can claim your expenses at the end of the course or may wish to make interim claims.

Harassment protocol

Please remember that we all work towards creating an environment where there is real equality of opportunity for all. It is important that the atmosphere on a course is one where everyone feels comfortable and able to participate freely. No one should behave in a way that others find threatening, uncomfortable or unpleasant.

For more guidance download the full PCS harassment protocol.

PCS harassment protocol

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