Claiming course expenses

PCS Eastern will pay reasonable expenses for PCS and TUC courses for reps working in the eastern region where attendance has been previously authorised by the PCS eastern regional office. Reps who live in the region but work in another region must apply to the regional office where their workplace is located.

Courses outside of the PCS eastern region will be considered especially where it is shown that attendance will be cheaper than attending a course within the region or that course is not scheduled within a reasonable timeframe.

You can claim for reasonable travel and subsistence expenses. Where lunch is provided you must deduct £2.50 from your subsistence claim; however we would request that when you have not had a subsistence cost, you do not claim your allowance. Please remember that this is members’ money. Please contact for a PCS expenses claim form.

When you apply for the course please also complete and return to the regional office the expenses calculator form; this will give us an estimate of your likely expenses so that we can ensure that we have funds to cover your expenses. If paying for your travel or accommodation will cause you financial hardship you can request an advance. You can also use a travel request form if you wish us to purchase rail tickets for you. If you require overnight accommodation this must be authorised before you book. Please contact for course application, expenses estimate calculator, travel request, advance expenses claim or application for overnight accommodation forms.

Where possible we prefer to pay your expenses directly to your bank – this saves members’ money, reduces the impact on the environment and speeds up receipt of your expenses. Please complete the bank details on the advance and/or claim forms.

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