PCS courses

The following are the core three-day rep training courses:

  • Introduction to PCS - a course for new reps 
  • Handling personal cases
  • Organising.

The above are also available as five-day combined courses:

  • New reps (introduction to PCS/handling personal cases)
  • Representing members (handling personal cases/negotiating skills)
  • Organising to win (organising/negotiating skills).

Depending on your role within the branch, you may then wish to take some of the following courses:

  • Branch treasurers (one-day)
  • Advanced personal cases (three-day)
  • Employment law (two-day)
  • Employment tribunal and advocacy training (five-day course split three/two)
  • Union learning reps (five-day) (also available from TUC)
  • Skills for life (also available from TUC)

You can find out more about these and other courses on the PCS course programme pages.

Our course programme aims to reflect the needs of reps in the eastern region and we recognise that sometimes it may be more appropriate to hold a specific bespoke course to meet a particular training demand. If you have identified a need for a bespoke course please contact Fiona McLatchie, the eastern regional learning organiser.

We have a waiting list of reps which helps us plan what PCS courses we should run each term and where they should be located. Email Mel Ewles at melanie@pcs.org.uk to be added to the waiting list.

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