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In line with union policy agreed at our 2018 annual delegate conference, PCS will be campaigning for a Labour vote in 40 target seats across England and Wales in the general election on 12 December.

    This is because among other things, Labour has pledged:

    • a return to national pay bargaining in the civil service and related bodies,
    • an end to job cuts and office closures,
    • the recruitment of 5,000 extra DWP staff, and large scale investment in HMRC,
    • to reverse public sector outsourcing,
    • to give all working people workers’ rights including trade union recognition from day one.

    PCS Volunteers Needed

    The north west region is seeking PCS members to volunteer to join PCS canvassing teams in the following seats:

    Blackpool North and Cleveleys

    Bolton West

    Crewe and Nantwich 


    Campaign dates for each of these target seats will be publicised shortly. Volunteers will be briefed prior to any canvassing sessions. We plan to have our first PCS canvassing sessions set up from the 16 November 2019.

    If you or any of your members are able to volunteer, please email nwrc@pcs.org.uk ASAP with your name, branch, preferred email, mobile number and whether you are on WhatsApp (Whatsapp will be utilised to send details of campaign arrangements to volunteers).

    How members vote is entirely a matter for them, and whichever party is in government PCS will always be there to fight your corner.

    Make sure you are registered to vote

    Young people, those in rented accommodation and BAME people are much more likely not to be registered to vote. These are some of the groups most impacted by the government’s austerity measures and have an extremely powerful voice in who forms the next government if they exercise their vote. Make sure you and your members you use your voice on the 12 December.

    December by registering to vote by 26 November. It takes less than 5 minutes to register online. All you need is your national insurance number. You can also apply to vote by post by completing an application form and returning it to your local electoral registration office by 5pm on 26 November. You don’t need to give a reason for wanting a postal vote.

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