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The Associate and Retired Members' section (ARMs) is the body within PCS for union members who have retired or otherwise left organisations represented by PCS and who wish to keep in touch. These pages are dedicated to keeping ARMs members in the north west up to date with activity in the region.

Record of Decisions, PCS ARMs National Forum - 19 June 2019,  Liverpool. 

Get involved in ARMs

If you would like to join ARMs please see the national ARMs page and complete the application form. The form contains details about subscription rates and the benefits of being an ARMs member.

North West regional ARMs committee Annual Report 2018

If you would like more information about how you can get involved in the north west ARMs association please contact ARMs regional chair, Steve Ion or ARMs regional secretary Phil Green at

ARMs North West Regional Committee

The regional committee generally meets on a quarterly basis; these meetings are attended by ARMs members who have been elected to co-ordinate ARMs activities in the North West.

Next North West ARMs Committee Meeting

The next PCS NW ARMs Committee meeting will take place on Thursday 5 December 2019 at Central hall, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ, starting at 1:30 pm. (NB: please note the later than normal start time, the Manchester venue for the meeting and that all NW ARMs members [especially those from the Greater Manchester area] are welcome to attend).


1. Announcements, Apologies and Opening Remarks 
2. Minutes of the previous Meeting
   2.1 held 11 September 2019 
3. Matters Arising
4. Secretary's Report 
5. Treasurer's Report 
6. Membership
   a Numbers
   b Recruitment

3. Reports

  1. PCS ARMs National Committee (Jacquie Hadfield/Barry Fuge/Steve Ion)
  2. PCS  ARMs Merseyside Group   (Steve Ion)
  3. PCS NW Regional Committee    (Secretary)
  4. NWRPA (Jim Stanway/Doreen Beresford)
  5. MPA
  6. PCS ARMs Greater Manchester Group (Jacquie Hadfield)
  7. National Representatives Meeting 2019 – Report Back (John Hadfield)

8. Communications 
9. Correspondence Received
10. Any Other Business 
11. Date/Time/Venue of next meeting

The ARMs regional committee members are:

Chair: Steve Ion

Vice chair: Dave Wilson

Secretary: Phil Green

Treasurer: Doreen Beresford

Organiser: John Hadfield

Press Officer: Jim Stanway

Committee members:  Ray Beeton, Barry Fuge, Eddie Garner, Jacquie Hadfield.

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