ARMs NW (Merseyside Group)

About Merseyside ARMs

The ARMs Merseyside group is open to all ARMs members living in the Merseyside area.

The Merseyside group is a way of bringing the union closer to you by providing a more accessible forum for your views.

We discuss issues such as a fair state pension with a return of Retail Price Index (RPI) increases, an end to fuel poverty, good social care provision and defending the NHS against further cuts and privatisation.

What can I do?
  • If you are about to leave employment or have already done so then please get in touch.
  • If you are already an ARMs member living within the Merseyside area, please come along to our meetings.
  • If you are a branch secretary with responsibility for members in Merseyside, please inform your members about us, particularly those who you know are about to leave employment. Please consider inviting someone from the group to one of your BECs.
How can I get involved?
  • If you have not previously done so, please provide your personal email address, landline and mobile phone number.
  • We will use this to correspond with you about forthcoming meetings and matters which we feel will be of interest to you.
  • The email address to send your details and any queries is

Merseyside ARMs committee

The committee for the ARMs NW (Merseyside group) 2015/16 comprises:

Chair: Tom Penn
Vice chair: Lynn Hows
Secretary: Steve Ion
Organiser: Neville Grundy
Treasurer: Ray Beeton
Committee: Phil Green
                    Rob Davidson
                    Tony Mulhearn
                    Lynn Killoran

Merseyside ARMs Group: next meeting

Please note the next Merseyside ARMs meeting is on Monday 19 March 2018. Start 11.30 am PCS Regional Office, 3rd Floor Jack Jones House, Unite Building, Liverpool.




3.Previous Minutes

4.Speaker from UCU Dispute

5.Secretaries Report

6.Treasurers Report

7.Calendar of future meetings

8.Speaker from WASPI campaign

9.Elections and Motions for debate

The following have been elected unopposed

Chair, Neville Grundy

Vice chair, Mike Hinstridge

Secretary, Steve Ion

Organiser, Tony Mulhearn

Treasurer, Ray Beeton

Committee (4) Rob Davidson, Phil Green, Lynn Killoran & Jim Stanway

Auditors (2) Keith Hebron & Patricia McGrogan




This meeting applauds the stand of the UCU membership in standing firm against the University Bosses in defence of their pensions.

This meeting notes the recent offer of the employer and whilst significant concessions have been made would still have meant a massive cut to the value of pensions. This meeting notes the rejection of the deal by branches and offers full support to further action called

This meeting agrees to:

  1. Send a message of support to the UCU on Merseyside
  2. Call on the PCS Region to publicise mobilise and offer support for further action called.
  3.  Encourage invites to speakers and press for this dispute to be publicised throughout the PCS Region and respond to any physical and financial appeals made

Steve Ion


This meeting recognises the importance of a workers’ Brexit to ensure that workers’ conditions are not undermined as a result of withdrawal from the EU and urge Jeremy Corbyn to make this Labour’s priority.

However, we reiterate our belief that the problems of the working class will not be resolved, in or out of the EU, while the Tories remain in power and their system remains in place.

We also believe that the dominance of the political debate by Brexit provides a distraction from the vicious policy of austerity which the Tories, with the collaboration of Labour councils, continue to drive through.

We welcome:

  1. The resignation of LP general secretary Ian McNicol and call on his successor to readmit socialists into the Party
  2. The removal of right wing Labour councillors in Haringey and other areas
  3. The growing opposition to Labour councillors’ open collaboration with capitalist property developers 

To bring an end to austerity we call on the ARMs NC to press the PCS Nationally to ensure the campaign against austerity is elevated and press the trade union and Corbyn leadership.

Moved Tony Mulhearn

Merseyside ARMs Blog

You can now keep up to date with the latest developments for ARMs members on Merseyside via our blog page.

The blog includes details of contacts, upcoming meetings and events, as well as newsletters and other material of interest to ARMs members.

Merseyside ARMS annual report

Merseyside ARMS AGM Minutes June 2017

Merseyside ARMS September report

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