PCS and FBU north west learning agreement

In October 2017 PCS signed an agreement with the Fire Brigades Union allowing members in the north west to access their distance learning courses without course fees for a trial period up to 31 March, 2018.  We are pleased to be able to announce that on 22 August 2018 we signed an agreement which will enable us to continue to offer these courses to PCS members from 1 September 2018 until 31 July 2019.

This is a great offer for PCS members who are able to sign up for the funded level 2 courses available at no cost to themselves.  Unfortunately the European Computer Driving Licence Extra course is no longer available. The courses available this year are:

  • Level 2 certificate in common health conditions
  • Level 2 certificate in equality and diversity
  • Level 2 certificate in understanding autism
  • Level 2 certificate in understanding nutrition and health
  • Level 2 certificate in team leading
  • Level 2 certificate in information, advice and guidance
  • Level 2 certificate in principles of dementia care
  • Level 2 certificate in working with individuals with learning disabilities
  • Level 2 certificate in awareness of mental health problems.
  • Level 2 certificate in understanding specific learning difficulties (dyslexia and ADHD)

These are flexible distance learning courses which enable you to be able to complete the courses in a way that suits your lifestyle.  However these courses are extremely popular and should only be applied for if you are able to commit to completing the course.  Due to some non-completions last year which affected FBU funding we will only be able to have 80 members studying at any one time.  This means you will also need to endeavour to complete the course within the timescales agreed with the FBU to enable others waiting to be able to enrol.

If you are a PCS member based in the North West and wish to apply for a course you can do so by completing a PCS FBU application form and sending it either to NWTUED@pcs.org.uk or by post to Ann Ainsworth, PCS, Jack Jones' House, 1 Islington, Liverpool, L3 8EG.

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