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Over 160 applications have been received for the FBU courses that are running in the north west region.  The courses range from IT skills to health and equality.

Since PCS signed an agreement with the FBU to allow members to access their distance learning courses without course fees, 160 applications have been received and many courses completed.  Some learners have signed up to do their second or even third courses.

The application form asks applicants why they wish to do the courses.  Here are some of the reasons that members have given.

Understanding Nutrition and Health (level 2 certificate)

“As a diabetic I would find this course useful to understand the best nutrition to enable me to maintain good health into older age.”

“I want to develop myself physically and mentally and this starts with health and nutrition.”

Team Leading (level 2 certificate)

“I would like to attend this course as I am hoping to progress into such a role within my workplace and this qualification would give me the valuable skills to enable me to do this.”

“I'd like to gain a qualification in team leading skills to help with future job applications.”

Awareness of Mental Health Problems (level 2 certificate)

“I manage a team of people and we are going through a programme of significant change. I think understanding common mental health issues is important for leaders.”

“This will help me at work and in my personal life as my stepdaughter has severe mental health issues.”

Understanding Autism (level 2 certificate)

“My son is on the autistic spectrum and now he is in his teenage years I need to further my knowledge in this area.”

“I am an autism champion and I would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this condition. I also support a member of staff in work who has Asperger’s.”

European Computer Driving Licence

“I only have a basic knowledge of computers and need to improve my skills for my role as an AO for HMRC.”

“To gain useful IT skills to use at work and at home.”

Equality and Diversity (level 2 certificate)

“At the moment I'm an equality and diversity advisor … it would be beneficial to learn more about equality and diversity to further aid my colleagues.”

“To aid me in the role of equality officer for my branch.”

The current deadline for applying for these courses is 31 March and they must be completed by the end of July.  Please contact Ann Ainsworth on 0151 298 3900 or email for more details and to apply.


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